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Pre - Season at Crush!

Exams are OVER… time to #GETMESSY! Crush has you covered with a line up of Pre December parties to get you into the swing of things.

24 November

We come in hot 🔥👉 ❗FRIDAY 24th November❗with the Pre Litchi party🎉 Ft. Huckleberry | Royal Love | Syzo | Jayy Jabs | Alex M | Park | Kaydee⚡ R40 before 9pm/R60 after 9pm💸💸elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

28 November

❗TUESDAY 28th November❗ we do 'all things TECH😈'… not much explanation needed here😉 AND don't forget R15 Local Beer🍺 + R15 Ciao Cocktails🍹 8pm – 10pm 💸💸 R50 gets you in… Ladies FREE before 9pm💁

Artwork TBA 😉

29 November

❗WEDNESDAY 29th November❗ we welcome back our STUDENT nights🕺 Ft. CHUNDA MUNKI🙌 This one is for the students and therefore we bring in our STUDENT specials🤙 R15 Vodka and mix✅ R15 Brandy and mix✅ R15 Rum and mix✅ from 8pm – 10pm 💸💸 R50 gets you in before 10pm/R80 after 10pm💸💸

30 November

❗THURSDAY 30th November❗Calm Before the STORM…🌪buy 1 get 1 FREE🍻 8pm – 10pm 💸💸R50 gets you in all night💸💸 Guest DJ to be announced📢 – this ones a surprise🙃

1 December

❗FRIDAY 01st December❗ we host the LITCHI party AFTERPARTY 🔥🔥🔥Ft. VOKKER (Brazil), supported by Huckleberry | Alex M | Syzo | Jayy Jabs | DJ Russ | Kaydee⚡

Weekend Events



CRUSH PARTY FRIDAY😈 Ft Royal Love | Kaydee🎶 It couldn’t come sooner🙌😜#LETSGETMESSY



Ladies get in FREE💋 with complimentary G&T’s before 10pm👯 Over 21 for guys🙋‍♂️over 19 for girls💁🏼 #LETSGETMESSY



Ballito NYE Street Party - the only place to be on New Years Eve

South Africa’s most famous street party, Ballito NYE is back and this year we're giving it a complete overhaul. For years people have flocked to the bustling coastal town of Ballito to come and celebrate their way into a new year with us! Our legendary New Years Eve Street Party is now in it's teens and we can't wait to celebrate with you for our 13th year in a row! Join us on a magical journey through time and music, highlighting the very best of what 2017 had to offer and what we can only imagine the future to hold!


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Crush Night Club #

2017 Crush Night Club. 25 Sandra Road Ballito | Fridays : No U18's | Saturdays : No U19 Girls No U21 Guys | No I.D No Entry | R.O.A.R